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Latest News

New team member

Sarah Albini (The Little French Beret) joined the Meteor Mess project team.
She's responsible for the intro sequence drawings.

Alien Slime Title Track

The title track for the arcade machine game 'Alien Slime' was added to the music section.

New Weird Ed character model finished

Michael just finished the new Weird Ed character model:

Weird Ed Edison character model

Great progress on models and animations

Lately we had some great progress on the new character models and animation sets.

Prosperum Ac Felix Finis

... and another track was added to the music section: Prosperum Ac Felix Finis.

Meteor Mess Tweets

Jason did an awesome job on the narrator's text for the new intro and also on the doodles' descriptions.

The plot for the new Meteor Mess intro is in the works ...

Just listened to the first draft of the title track for the arcade game Alien Slime ... awesome ... Geoffrey L.... http://t.co/XiaHJDJk4t

Progress is always a good thing ... Wendy's animation set is almost finished and Geoffrey L. Burch started... http://t.co/wE0IHMWK47