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Latest News

Character Animator wanted ...

Any character animator out there who's willing to help finishing this project this year??? Alex could really need a helping hand to get the animation sets done ...

Character Sheet for the Postman finished

Joe finished the character sheet for the Postman. 

Character model for Mark Eteer was finished

Currently we have great progress on the character models.

Michael finished the next model already:

Mark Eteer

Character model for Wink Smiley was finished

The new character model for Wink Smiley was finished:

Wink Smiley

New Nurse Edna character model finished

Michael just finished the new Nurse Edna character model:

Nurse Edna

Meteor Mess Tweets

While Alex is working on the animation sets we're using the time to fix some small bugs and do some further improvements.

We just put Wendy's typewriting animation ingame. Looks great :-)

Great news: Today Alex finished Wendy's animation set !!!

We fixed some UV mapping problems on Wendy ... so she's looking more beautiful than ever now :-)

Ed in progress ...

We got a lot of new 'likes' this week !!! We like it :-) Thanks to you all for being interested in this project.

@SamuelBrandon Hey Sam, we haven't been able to get in contact with you within the last weeks. Are you still interested in helping?

Alex finished rigging Ed and put a default animation set on him ... so we can start teaching him the military style now.